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Environmental policy

The managing staff of SBA-Nordurleid is well aware of the fact that coaches and other vehicles can have a negative impact on the environment. Therefore we aim to make the company more environmentally sustainable and minimize the effect the company has on the nature. That we do by purchasing rationally, dispose of garbage and other waste in a proper and environmental friendly manner and reduce the use of raw materials and to re-use as much as possible. 

Actions taken or in progress to reduce pollution and environmental effects of the company:

  • Ensure that the staff is trained and informed about the environmental policy that the company operates by.
  • Reduce emissions from the company’s coach fleet by only purchasing vehicles with the highest EURO emission standard available at any given time when renewing. 
  • Monitor use of cold and hot water, electricity and fuel.  
  • Monitor amount and sort garbage produced within the company and constantly aim to reduce it. 
  • Operate according to laws and regulations regarding the environment and monitor ongoing development in that field.