Route 62a: Höfn - Egilsstadir - Myvatn - Akureyri

Fully guided day tours from Akureyri to Lake Myvatn, Dettifoss waterfall and whale watching in Husavik. Bus schedule from Reykjavik to Akureyri through

Route 62a: Höfn - Egilsstadir - Myvatn - Akureyri

Period: 18.06.2018 - 31.08.2018
From Hofn/ N1 gas station N1 Gas Station 08:00
From Djupivogur/ Voginn Shop  Voginn Shop 09:45
From Berunes/ Berunes Hostel Berunes Hostel 10:15
From Breiddalsvik/ Kaupfelagid Shop Kaupfelagid Shop 10:30
From Stodvarfjordur/ Bus stop across N1 gas station Bus stop across N1 gas station 11:00
From Faskrudsfjordur/ Orkan Gas Station Orkan Gas Station 11:30
From Reydarfjordur/ Shopping Mall Shopping Mall 11:50
From Egilsstadir / Campsite Kaffi Egilsstadir 13:00
From Vopnafjörđur / Crossroads 50 km from Vopnafjordur 14:00
From Dettifossvegur crossroads (Rd 1 & Rd 862) 25 km from Dettifoss 14:40
From Lake Mývatn Reykjahlíđ/ Supermarket Supermarket 15:25
From Skútustađir/ Sel Hotel Sel Hotel 15:35
From Godafoss/ Waterfall Waterfall 16:30
Final stop Akureyri / Oddeyrarbót 2 17:15

Scheduled bus service from Höfn in South East Iceland to Akureyri in the North East(Route 62/62a). This service is a part of the full circle passport system operated by Iceland On Your Own. Among popular tourist destinations along the way is the Lake Myvatn region, the crossroads to the waterfall of Dettifoss, Europe's most powerful waterfall, and Godafoss waterfall. 

Tickets for seperate routes can be booked online and also purchased onboard the buses. Lunch break in Egilsstadir is approximately one hour. 

Note: You are required to present a printed purchase confirmation when boarding the buses.

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