Route 610 : ReykjavÝk - Kj÷lur - Akureyri

Fully guided day tours from Akureyri to Lake Myvatn, Dettifoss waterfall and whale watching in Husavik. Bus schedule from Reykjavik to Akureyri through

Route 610 : ReykjavÝk - Kj÷lur - Akureyri

Period: 18.06.2017 - 10.09.2017
From ReykjavÝk / BS═ BSI Bus Terminal 08:00
From Hverager­i / N1 gas station 08:45
From Selfoss / N1 gas station 09:00
From Laugarvatn/ Samkaup shop 09:30
From Geysir 10:25*
From Gullfoss 11:10*
From HvÝtßrnes crossroads 11:50
From Kerlingarfj÷ll / Cabins 13:10*
From Hveravellir 15:15*
From Svartß 16:50
From VarmahlÝ­ / N1 gas station 17:20
Final stop Akureyri / HafnarstrŠti 82 18:30

The route leads towards east over Hellishei­i through Hverager­i, Selfoss and Laugarvatn, before the bus proceeds to the Geysir geothermal area, the site of numerous hot springs, Strokkur (Butterchurn) being the most active one today. A glimpse of the majestic Gullfoss waterfall is next on the agenda, before the drive north, up to the high plane of Kj÷lur. The name refers to the plateau between the glaciers Langj÷kull in the west and Hofsj÷kull towards east, at an altitude of 650 m above sea level. First stop of the day is in Kerlingarfj÷ll mountain cabins, a popular stop for hikers often spending 1-2 days hiking in the highlands before continuing the journey.áThe highland road leads on through the rugged wilderness to the oasis of Hveravellir, with its geothermal area and bathing possibilities. After a brief stop the bus continues along the highland road past Bl÷nduvirkjun hydroelectric power station. In Langidalur valley the road joins Highway 1 and the tour ends in Akureyri. The above itinerary applies in reverse order if one chooses to begin the tour in Akureyri.á

Stops on the way:
Geysir 9:55/10:25
Gullfoss 10:40/11:10
Kerlingarfj÷ll 12:55/13:10
Hveravellir 14:15/15:15á

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SBA-NORđURLEIđ HJALTEYRARGÍTU 10 á| á600 AKUREYRI á| áICELAND á| TEL: (+354) 5 500 700 á| áEMERGENCY TEL: (+354) 894 26 16 |
HJALLAHRAUNI 2 á| á220 HAFNARFJÍRđUR á| áICELAND - TEL: (+354) 5 500 770 á| áEMERGENCY TEL: (+354) 895 26 16 | á