Askja and Vatnajokull glacier

Three day tour to Askja caldera, Kverkfjoll geothermal zone and Vatnajokull glacier.

Askja - Kverkfjoll - Vatnajokull Glacier

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Valid: On Mondays between July 2nd - August 20th 2018
Departures from Akureyri Airport:
Mondays at 8:05 or upon arrival of flight NY112 from Reykjavik 
Departures from SBA Bus Terminal, Oddeyrarbót 2
Mondays at 8:15
Departures from Information Centre in Reykjahlid Myvatn:
Mondays at 10:00
3 days
Price: 58.500 ISK / 5% online discount 
Transportation and experienced local guide. 
Not included: 
Accommodation and food 

This three-day tour to Askja caldera is designed to give the traveller the opportunity to experience the rugged nature of a country that is constantly being shaped and battered by the powerful forces of ice and fire. 

The actual starting point of the tour is the Reykjahlid village on the shore of the Myvatn Lake. We drive across the deserted Odadahraun lavafield and towards noon we take a break in the oasis of the Herdubreidarlindir springs. Our next destination is the great Dyngjufjoll mountains with the magnificent Askja caldera. A thirty-minute hike on the slopes of Askja takes us to the Askja lake, and on the lakeside we find Viti; an explosion crater where travellers have a unique chance of bathing in geothermal waters in spectacular surroundings. 


After a visit to the Askja caldera the tour will continue to the Holuhraun lava field. The lava field was formed in a volcanic fissure eruption that originated from the Bardarbunga central volcano. The eruption lasted from August 31st 2014 to February 28th 2015. The eruption in Holuhraun is the largest lava eruption in Iceland for more than 200 years. The lava covers 85 square kilometers. 

Kverkfjoll is one of the most powerful high-temperature areas in Iceland and hot springs carve caves and holes into the constantly changing glacier. From Askja we continue our journey through the bleak and barren desert and in the evening we reach Kverkfjoll mountains, where we spend the next two nights, either in the Sigurdarskali hut or in a tent on the campsite.

Kverkfjoll mountains, which are located in the Vatnajokull National Park, offer a stunning scenery: A spectacular interplay between ice and fire that can only be witnessed in a few places; cavities and caves that have been carved out of the glacier by the geothermal heat. On the second day we will hike in the company of Park Rangers. A variety of hiking trips is available in Kverkfjoll and the Rangers choose a route with regard to weather conditions and the state of the glacier. Thus the glacier tounge might be visited where there is a chance to explore the constantly changing landscape and to take a look at an ice cave. If climate conditions permit, it is possible to reach the altitude of 1800m to admire the wilderness of central Iceland.

On the third day we leave Kverkfjoll mountains, heading towards Myvatn and Akureyri. As we drive through the wilderness we visit Hvannalindir oasis where outlaws have left signs of their hard life in the past. The next stop will be Modrudalur farm where travelers can visit the most remote café in Iceland. From there we drive the main road towards Akureyri where we intend to be in time for the regular evening flights to Reykjavik.

Bring with you: Bring warm outdoor clothes designed to withstand harsh weather, good hiking boots and a sleeping bag. You also have to bring enough food to last you for three whole days. The mountain cabin has drinking water and cooking facilities. A detailed equipment list can be downloaded here.
Note: Accommodation in mountain cabins is already reserved for all our clients. Accommodation is 7.500 ISK per night. It is also available to camp at the campsite by the mountain cabins. Camping is 1.800 ISK per night. Accommodation is paid in cash on site. Kindly note that the hiking trips can last up to 8-9 hours and can occasionally be strenuous.

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