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Response Plan

SBA-Norðurleið's policy is to provide excellent service, and part of that is to ensure the safety of passengers as much as possible. Trips are cancelled if the weather and conditions threaten safety, and the staff has planned and practiced the best way to respond to mishaps and accidents.
The company's response team makes decisions about when trips should be cancelled due to weather, as well as responding and directing operations on behalf of the company when solutions are needed due to mishaps or accidents.
Trips are automatically cancelled or postponed when the Road Administration closes routes. When the weather and weather conditions are not clear, the response team evaluates the situation separately and reserves the right to cancel trips for safety reasons. Each case is examined separately based on wind direction, wind strength, road surface, size and type of vehicle and weight of cargo.

The group is made up of four key employees who have the following roles in the event of an accident or accident:

The group works closely together during operations and strives to make decisions in consultation with the parties involved, which may include:

• Police and rescue teams due to the situation at the scene.
• The client, regarding the continuation of the trip.
• The Red Cross if trauma care is needed.
• Other tourism companies possibly connected to the accident.

After a mishap or accident, the group reviews all cases and evaluates how things were resolved, and revises procedures and work processes if necessary. When all the facts of the case are known, the company's employees are informed about the incident at the next staff meeting and what lessons can be learned from it.