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Social Responsibility

SBA-Norðurleið focuses on creating an exemplary workplace, where every employee is treated with respect and care. SBA-Norðurleið is a certified human resources-minded company. Human resources measurements have been carried out regularly since 2022. Such measurements are intended to improve the performance and well-being of all employees, and give the company information about what is going well and what could be improved.  

  • Particular attention is paid to safety and quality in transportation.   
  • Show all customers the same respect and consideration regardless of gender, origin, culture, sexuality, religion, age, social status and physical condition.
  • Respect all laws and regulations regarding the operations, and comply with them.
  • Paperless accounting and financial statements are being worked on, and ensuring that this is done in a professional manner.
  • Fulfill all obligations to employees by complying with the law and applicable collective wage agreements.
  • Ensure that staff receive appropriate training and education, and that working conditions are suitable.
  • Work is underway to obtain a confirmed equal pay certification in 2024.
  • SBA-Norðurleið supports sports and cultural activities throughout the country.

SBA-Norðurleið's equality programme aims to increase employee satisfaction in the workplace and ensure gender equality within the company. The equality programme is prepared in accordance with Act No. 10/2008 on the Equal Position and Equal Rights of Women and Men.

The purpose of the equality programme is to ensure full equality, regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnic origin, ancestry, age or opinions in any other respect. The programme also guarantees the right to equal pay for the same or comparable work, regardless of gender.

Equality Policy SBA-Norðurleið