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Safety Policy

Good service and the safety of passengers is a priority in the operation of SBA-Norðurleiðir. Employees should familiarise themselves with the company's security and response plans. There are four safety plans and they take into account different types of travel. Contingency plans are present in all cars, in both Icelandic and English, and they must be followed in the event of an accident. If any doubts arise, e.g. regarding weather and conditions, the opinion of the immediate supervisor should be sought unconditionally.

Drivers must always familiarise themselves with the characteristics of the vehicles they drive and be aware of their condition. They must also think about the safety of passengers and inform them about the need to use seat belts. When stopping at destination, choose as safe a location as possible.

Guides must always consider the safety of passengers. They must inform passengers of the need to use seat belts and warn them of icy conditions, strong winds and other possible dangers at the stop. It is necessary to keep in mind the criteria of the Icelandic Meteorological Office for wind strength.

In traffic

SBA-Norðurleið strongly emphasises that the company's drivers are always exemplary in traffic, e.g. by:

  • Avoiding unnecessary overtaking.
  • Only parking in parking spaces intended for buses.
  • Stopping in secure areas.
  • Take "photo stops" only at marked stops.
  • Respect the driving ban in designated urban areas, e.g. in the centre of Reykjavík.

According to Icelandic law, passengers in buses are required to wear seat belts if the vehicle is so equipped. All SBA-Norðurleið’s buses are equipped with seat belts, and it is mandatory for all passengers to fasten their seat belts while the vehicles are moving.


All SBA-Norðurleið’s buses are equipped with first aid kits. The kits are regularly inspected and refilled as needed by specialised personnel. It is part of the driver's daily vehicle inspection to check if the first aid kit is ready for use.


All buses must be equipped with fire extinguishers according to traffic laws. SBA-Norðurleið's buses are all equipped with two fire extinguishers that are sealed and inspected by specialised parties annually.


All the company's vehicles are equipped with safety vests, warning triangles and flashlights. The vehicles have a GPS fleet management system, so officers can monitor the exact location of the vehicles and their speed in real time. The company can also let its customers know where the vehicle is located at all times, and how far it has traveled.


It is the company's policy that its vehicles are always in the best possible condition. All maintenance is carried out by the company's repair team and a maintenance log is kept by the workshop manager. Buses must pass a regular vehicle inspection each year to maintain their group tour license.


All drivers have the required driving license for the vehicle they are driving at any given time. Driver's license is checked when new drivers are hired. A driver's license register is kept to ensure that all driving privileges are valid. The company's drivers regularly attend continuing education courses in first aid, and they have also attended a driving course organised by Mercedes-Benz in Germany. SBA-Norðurleið reserves the right to check the criminal records of employees and have them undergo alcohol and drug tests.

We would love to hear from you. SBA-Norðurleið welcomes all suggestions, whether regarding satisfactory service or something that could be improved.

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