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It is important to us that our activities are governed by the values of sustainability. SBA-Norðurleið puts great emphasis on the fact that the company's activities support its vision in tourism, and are in harmony with society and the environment. The goal of SBA-Norðurleið is that all activities are exemplary when it comes to environmental and climate issues. SBA-Norðurleið has established a clear environmental policy, as well as an equality policy that all company staff are encouraged to use as a guiding principle in their work.

SBA-Norðurleið focuses on creating an exemplary workplace, where every employee is treated with respect and care. In 2023, SBA-Norðurleið was certified as a human resources-minded company.

SBA-Norðurleið’s sustainability policy includes:      

• Environmental policy
• Social responsibility
• Responsible tourism