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Environmental Policy

SBA-Norðurleið cares about nature conservation and working in harmony with society. The company is aware of the negative effects that bus operations can have on the environment, and has set clear criteria to minimise them as much as possible. The environmental policy is based on the laws and regulations that apply to environmental issues in Iceland, and is revised regularly. The company places great emphasis on reuse, recycling, environmental protection and waste reduction. It is in our interest, like that of other Icelanders, that the country is not harmed by the influx of tourists.

Measures taken to minimise the company's environmental impact:
  • Only renewing the company's fleet with vehicles that meet the required European pollution standards at any given time.
  • Use vehicles that are appropriate for group sizes.
  • The company's waste is sorted, reused and recycled, and efforts are made to reduce the amount of waste as much as possible.
  • The company's drivers have received training in economical driving to minimise oil consumption and emissions.
  • Unnecessary vehicle idling is prohibited.
  • Train employees with the company's environmental policy as a guiding principle. Communicate the policy to our customers and guide them on how they can participate in helping us.
Rules on vehicle idling

The Regulation on Protection Against Air Pollution (no. 788/1999, Article 6) stipulates that it is not permitted to leave vehicles idling when they are abandoned. Furthermore, it is not permitted to let the engines of stationary vehicles run for longer than a very short period, except in extraordinary circumstances.

Circumstances that justify the idling of vehicles can be:
  • Preparation for driving in frost.
  • High humidity that sets on the windows and obstructs the view.
  • If the oil central heating is out of order (required to inform the workshop about the failure).
  • If the air system is not sealed (required to inform the workshop about the failure).
The idling of vehicles shall be specially avoided:
  • Around schools, sports facilities and hotels.
  • In residential areas.
  • Where many buses are waiting for passengers at the same time, e.g. from cruise ships.
  • During cleaning, whether outside SBA facilities or elsewhere.
Conduct in nature

Employees of SBA-Norðurleið are advised to conduct all interactions with nature in such a way that it does not cause harm. Employees must respect the current laws on nature conservation and follow the rules in national parks and protected areas.  Always drive along marked roads or approved driving lanes. Only drive over watercourses where there are fords, and rivers are to be driven into and out of so as to prevent damage to the riverbanks. Use marked rest areas as much as possible and, when you leave, ensure that no litter is left behind. Drivers and guides should remind visitors to behave responsibly towards the environment.

Sorting waste

The sorting of waste is an important part of sustainable tourism. All employees must work together on responsible sorting of waste. Suitable containers and waste bins are available at the company's workplaces.